The primary goal of the Conifer Men's Lacrosse Program is to develop student-athletes of character and integrity who will serve as positive members of the school community and the greater society. We believe that the following objectives will best augment the team's mission.

  1. We will promote pride, unity, and confidence in Conifer Lacrosse, the athletic department, and the Lobo Lacrosse family.

  2. We will place primacy on our academic endeavors, and recognize the importance of intellectual growth throughout our high school careers.

  3. We will practice positive leadership and display the courage necessary to advocate just causes in the face of public or social pressures.

  4. We will hold ourselves responsible and accountable for our thoughts, feelings, and actions; we recognize that as student-athletes we represent Conifer High School.

  5. We understand the immense opportunities afforded us as members of a diverse student body. Through our interactions on campus and in the broader community, we will demonstrate the virtues of compassion, sensitivity, and respect

The Conifer High School Men's Lacrosse program has a strong foundation built on the values of family, community, and positive attitudes. All members of the program will strive to uphold this tradition through hard work, professionalism, and loyalty.

Family: We believe in relationships that are grounded in honesty, trust, and respect. As student-athletes, we will meet our responsibilities with integrity, persistence and confidence. Through the bonds we create, we will hold ourselves, our teammates, our classmates, and Conifer High School in the highest regard.

Community: As visible members on campus, we have an opportunity to strengthen our community through active participation and service. In giving of ourselves, we can enrich the lives of others around us. Through this process, we might also know the reciprocal benefits of engaging with a diverse world.


Attitude: Regardless of the challenges faced, we embrace a commitment to always put forth our best effort. Our attitude will be defined by our strength of character and our constant pursuit of excellence on the field, in the classroom, and within the community. The pride and confidence we derive from our team activities will not deter us from recognizing the great privilege we have been presented as student-athletes at Conifer High School.


Conifer Lobos Lacrosse Coaches










Head Coach Thomas Grover

Offensive Coordinator Tom Coco

Tom has coached lacrosse for 7 years and during that time has won 2 state championships. Tom coached the Conifer JV lacrosse

teams and currently play's in a men’s league. He is an avid sportsman who also enjoys skiing, mountain biking and golf. Tom volunteers with ERPD and is a bowling coach.

Defensive Coordinator Joe Coco

Joe is a local product growing up in the greater Conifer area.  He is so old that he learned to ski at the Geneva Basin Ski Area.  In Junior High Joe enjoyed going to the Coney Island Hot Dog Stand after school; and in High School he worked at the Aspen Park Twin Movie Theater.   Yes, Aspen Park once had a movie theater.

Over the past decade Joe has coached several sports but has developed a love and passion for the game of Lacrosse.  Over the last 8 years Joe has coached as either a head coach or an assistant coach in the Storm and MLAX systems, including the last 2 seasons as the Defense Coach for the Conifer High School JV program.  Joe loves that game so much that he continues to play in the Men’s summer league where the motto “no wives, no children and no recording devices of any kind” still holds true.


Junior Varsity Coach Chip Cleary

Chip grew up in Upstate New York. He played football, lacrosse and hockey. Chip played lacrosse from 10 years old through high school. Chip also played college hockey and club lacrosse in college. Chip was a hockey instructor and coach for many years with O’leary hockey training based in Westminster Colorado. Most recently Chip coached for Mountain Lacrosse for three years. Chip is a chicken wings sommelier and loves 80’s music. 


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